3 Ways to Amp Up Your Skincare This Summer

It’s June!

Summer is around the corner with sunshine, BBQs, concerts, beaching and more. It is endless days and nights of fun, however, it can really hurt your skin! Here are my top 3 ways to amp up your skincare, to keep your face vibrant and youthful this summer!

1 Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Oh ladies! Most of the year, we do not hydrate enough. In the summer, though, we really fall off the wagon! The rule of thumb is to take your weight, divide it in half, and drink that much in ounces of water. In other words, if you weigh 150lbs, you want to drink 75oz of water. Of course in the summer, you will want to ramp that up. You sweat more, you eat more nitrates-hot dogs and grinders anyone? You want to replace the moisture you lose. Lack of water is bad for all your organs. Your skin is the largest organ you have. no water, means premature aging!

***TIP*** Carry a refillable bottle of water with you. Add a great detoxifier like lemon slices to it. Do NOT add those sugar or artificial sweetener packets.

2 Sunscreen! Do not skimp, ladies! I know, I know. A lot of our sun care for the face is greasy. It is so important though. The suns rays feel so good on our faces, but as they beat down on us, they begin to break down the layers of our skin. When the Epidermis repeatedly burns, you begin to lose the protection from pathogens and carcinogens. Your body can no longer hold water correctly. Eventually allowing damage to the dermis, which is the connective tissue, that cushions your body from strains and stress, and holds the elasticity. Cancer and wrinkles, ladies. not good.

***TIP*** Product recommendation! I use an SPF 25 mineral setting powder over my moisturizer and bronzer! Not only do I get a soft non greasy finish, but it lasts most the day!

3 A Good Skin Care Routine! Oh Yeah. Do not skimp here either. Especially at night. Our skincare routine is so important. The steps cannot be skipped, morning and evening, wash, treat and moisturize. Night time, however, is the most important part of our routine day! That is when we take off all the makeup, dirt and debris and pollutants from our skin. Even if you do not wear makeup, you live in a world with blue light coming off our technology and uv from the atmosphere, and again dirt and pollutants. If it’s in the air, it’s on your skin. We need to wash that off, so that our skin is free to soak up our treatments, whatever you choose to use, and then a special night cream. Your skin is at rest and ready to soak in all the good stuff in a night cream, and repair itself while you sleep.

***TIP*** Mask! Yes, clarify, rejuvenate, replenish, and de stress your skin with a fun mask.

There are so many other things you can do this summer, to protect your skin from the dangers of fun in the sun. These are just my favorite three.

Are you curious about the SPF 25 Mineral Setting Powder I mentioned in Tip 2, or maybe my favorite masks from Tip 3? Let me know below, and I will send you more information!

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