3 Ways to Amp Up Your Skincare This Summer

It’s June!

Summer is around the corner with sunshine, BBQs, concerts, beaching and more. It is endless days and nights of fun, however, it can really hurt your skin! Here are my top 3 ways to amp up your skincare, to keep your face vibrant and youthful this summer!

1 Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Oh ladies! Most of the year, we do not hydrate enough. In the summer, though, we really fall off the wagon! The rule of thumb is to take your weight, divide it in half, and drink that much in ounces of water. In other words, if you weigh 150lbs, you want to drink 75oz of water. Of course in the summer, you will want to ramp that up. You sweat more, you eat more nitrates-hot dogs and grinders anyone? You want to replace the moisture you lose. Lack of water is bad for all your organs. Your skin is the largest organ you have. no water, means premature aging!

***TIP*** Carry a refillable bottle of water with you. Add a great detoxifier like lemon slices to it. Do NOT add those sugar or artificial sweetener packets.

2 Sunscreen! Do not skimp, ladies! I know, I know. A lot of our sun care for the face is greasy. It is so important though. The suns rays feel so good on our faces, but as they beat down on us, they begin to break down the layers of our skin. When the Epidermis repeatedly burns, you begin to lose the protection from pathogens and carcinogens. Your body can no longer hold water correctly. Eventually allowing damage to the dermis, which is the connective tissue, that cushions your body from strains and stress, and holds the elasticity. Cancer and wrinkles, ladies. not good.

***TIP*** Product recommendation! I use an SPF 25 mineral setting powder over my moisturizer and bronzer! Not only do I get a soft non greasy finish, but it lasts most the day!

3 A Good Skin Care Routine! Oh Yeah. Do not skimp here either. Especially at night. Our skincare routine is so important. The steps cannot be skipped, morning and evening, wash, treat and moisturize. Night time, however, is the most important part of our routine day! That is when we take off all the makeup, dirt and debris and pollutants from our skin. Even if you do not wear makeup, you live in a world with blue light coming off our technology and uv from the atmosphere, and again dirt and pollutants. If it’s in the air, it’s on your skin. We need to wash that off, so that our skin is free to soak up our treatments, whatever you choose to use, and then a special night cream. Your skin is at rest and ready to soak in all the good stuff in a night cream, and repair itself while you sleep.

***TIP*** Mask! Yes, clarify, rejuvenate, replenish, and de stress your skin with a fun mask.

There are so many other things you can do this summer, to protect your skin from the dangers of fun in the sun. These are just my favorite three.

Are you curious about the SPF 25 Mineral Setting Powder I mentioned in Tip 2, or maybe my favorite masks from Tip 3? Let me know below, and I will send you more information!

Four Direct Marketing Brands To Try and Love

photo courtesy Pixabay
Today, I just want to briefly talk about a couple of my favorite Direct Marketing/MLM (Multi Level Marketing) brands. There are two, that I have tried personally, and there are a couple I am chomping at the bit to try, simply because the presenters are just so amazing! (All links will be included!) TRIED ‘EM, LOVED ‘EM, NEED TO GET ‘EM First, the product lines I have tried.  Why did I try? It’s more like how. I strongly believe that if you, as an MLM rep believe in your product, you should be willing to offer a free sample, or at the  very least, a strong “Try me” discount, on one of the pieces in your line. The following two ladies did just that!

REVITAL U ~I want to talk about my girl Christa and her Smart Coffee. Let me tell you, this stuff is all that it claims to be, so far!  Christa works with Revital U. This company offers various products including supplements, hot chocolate, and my favorite, coffee. Each boast ingredients such as amino acids, L-theanine and Tyrosine, Nettle Root, English Walnut  extract, and others, that bring energy, alertness, and appetite control into your diet. They also give anti inflammatory benefits as well as antioxidant protection. I tried, thanks to a FREE sample, the Smart Coffee.  My sample had three instant packets, that had 2.25grams, a daily serving.  Immediately I felt the great comfort a good cup of coffee offers me, however, within an hour, I felt jazzed.  It totally kept me from feeling hungry, allowed me to work late into the night without feeling fatigued, and just all around “good.” Each of my samples were exactly as advertised. I will be buying a full size product! Shop Christa at: http://revitalu.com/christaa

MONAT ~By now you know I was a Younique Presenter. What goes better with great make-up then great hair? Tha’st were Lori comes in.  She represents Monat hair care. Can I say top shelf? The company is family owned and operated and US based, in Florida.  They created and manufactured premium anti-aging hair care, that is Leaping Bunny Certified, Vegan and Gluten Free. They offer shampoos, conditioning masks, serums, and styling products, for him, her and even kiddos! The FREE sample that Lori sent me was for hydration and Shine.  Right up my dry, color treated, thick and coarse hair ally. My packet came with the Renew Shampoo, Replenish Masque, Restore Leave in Conditioner and the serum, Rejuvenique Oil Intensive. Now, right away, with the shampoo, I noticed it was light and rinsed from my wicked thick hair easily.  The masque was easy to comb through, and didn’t have an overly perfumed scent. My hair, upon combing it out, actually felt lighter! The leave in conditioner took very little, and combed through nicely, no heavy residue, just silky smoothness. Now, the oil. I was skeptical because I had a bad run in with an oil mask treatment,( the brand shall be nameless!) that stripped my hair of its color and left me looking like oily straw. I applied a small amount to my ends, and pinched it half way up the layers. It was GREAT! My hair gleamed and my highlights shimmered in the sun! Talk about the Bomb.com! Yup, I will be adding this product line  to my beauty routine too! Shop Lori at: https://hairquiz.monatglobal.com/lorisinacori WISH I MAY, WISH I MIGHT, TRY THESE LINES I WATCH TONITE So now to these two gals. These presenters are currently in my network, one I have aready mentioned, and as I have begun building friendships with them, and I watch their customer interactions, product line videos, results, etc, I have decided that I am very intrigued with what they have going on! .( Yeah, we MLM girls  totally try to support each other-well a small portion of us, anyhow.) I am officially reaching out for samples, at this point!

HEMPWORX ~First, I have to go back to my girl Christa, from Revital-U.  She is a multi-brand-tasker! She has begun working Hempworx too! My friend Roberta is also on This Hemp Train! This line of products from under tongue sprays to creams, is all natural and grown, as well as manufactured, right here in the USA, in Kentucky. They are third party tested, documented, and certified. This brand is solvent free and pure oil. They are well within legal limits on all levels! (Now, CBD products are all the rage right now, but there have been some questionable ones on the market.  Those questionable products generally are NOT certified. You can even buy knockoffs on Amazon! How dangerous is that! ) There are many health benefits, both mental and physical that hemp derived CBD oil provide. From anxiety control to pain relief, Hempworx has you covered. Hempworx even has skin care! Yeah, I definitely want to give some Hempworx CBD cream a try for my boy’s eczema! Shop Christa’s other side gig at: http://www.hempworx.com/CmAlookin2retire Shop Roberta at: https://www.hempworx.com/Roberta2019

ACTI-LABS ~Now we go across the pond to my girl Julia!  Julia has caught my attention with her line of French Laboratory-to-You line of cosmetics, skincare, bodycare and dietary products. Yes, you heard me right, they develop and create their products right in their own labs, in France then ship to you!  They are as cruelty free and green as you can get, receiving the governments award for having a low carbon footprint. You must check out their ethics page to see how incredible they are in that department. I have watched Julia’s videos as she talks about each of the pieces and I have seen her results.  I am really interested in some of those lifestyle products! We already have been chatting about that! Oh, and they have a men’s line!  Something else to look at for my teen son! Shop Julia at JuliaPearce.co.uk There are so many other great MLM Direct marketing brands out there, 31 Bags, Poparazzi, Scentsy, but none have jumped at me the way these four have-besides my younique of course. As I go and my network grows, I am sure I will be introduced to others.  As it happens, I will add them into other blogs. For now? These are the ladies I am putting my money on to give you the best they have to offer, both as presenters and products. Let me know your favorite products, and if you have a line not mentioned, feel free to email me information, and of course, FREE samples are always welcome!  ( I will absolutely review!)

Edit!! I have joined Acti-Labs myself!
Shop me: https://acti-labs.com/me/jenna-logan/https://acti-labs.com/me/jenna-logan/eyes/

Beach to Bash Without A Suitcase Of Cosmetics

photo courtesy Pixabay

In the summer, many of us enjoy  little vacations or long weekends to the shore. We all love those lazy days at the beach, and we love to look good while we chill, stretched out in our favorite little swimsuit, sunscreen carefully applied, a bottle of water at our side. Then in the evening it’s on to the Beach Bash BBQ, where we show off our day’s sun worshipping glow, in a cute little dress and strappy sandals.

But what makeup products do you bring, without needing a whole big suitcase?  How can you achieve a fab look without a thousands steps? Easy! Here are a few of my favorite products, from my Younique line! (Yes, ladies, I sell this line. I sell it because I love it! My shameless plug.) Grab your pretty little cosmetic bag, and come with me!

photo courtesy Pixabay

First, for the beach, along with sunscreen for your body, you will need a gentle, chemical free, sunscreen. Then add a waterproof mascara, and a little lip color, for a natural and lovely look.

TOUCH BEHOLD SPF 25, broad spectrum mineral finishing powder.  “What??!! A finishing powder for my face at the beach?” you ask.  Oh, absolutely, my dear! I don’t leave home without this stuff! It completely battles the damaging UV rays from the sun, while giving your skin a soft matte look. It’s easy to apply, just dust on your face, neck and collar bone. after your dip in the water.  So good for your skin and non greasy!

MOODSTRUCK EPIC waterproof mascara.  This mascara gave my puny lashes-and I mean PUNY-incredible volume and beautiful length, with just two coats! Dive into the waves, and come out with your eyes still framed with lovely lashes!

LIPBONBONS tinted lip balm. Keep your smile moisturized while you worship! There are 5 fun colors to choose from, so choose the one that matches your beachy personality!

Now, when your beach day is done, create a clean clean canvas with the YOU*OLOGY skin care line! Oh, its the Beach Bomb! The Cleanser, Serum, and Moisturizer each are taylor made for you!  You add 3 of your very own boosters to get a customized skin care collection! I highly recommend that between cleanse and serum, you relax with a cool drink, while donning the Brightening Mask. Your skin will thank you!

Then it’s time to enhance your own beautiful face for the BBQ or Bash.  You have a well prepared canvas, sunkissed and glowing.  It will not take much to emphasize your natural beauty.

BEACHFRONT bronzer. Ladies, this will work not only your cheek bones, but your brows and your lids!  Yes! Really! Using a stiff angle brush, tap into your brows, the shade that most closely matches. Apply it lightly so it looks oh so natural.  Then, sweep it across your lids, a little deeper into the crease, and lash line-lower lash line too! Hit your cheek bones, your forehead, jawline, neck, collarbone and decollete.  Basically everywhere the sun kisses your skin, dust with the bronzer. Now your glowing!

DIP & DRAW eyeliner. Personally, I love Prominent, a bronze with little metallic flecks. Applied thin on the top lid, it gives a little added drama and sparkle, while still allowing that natural look.

MOODSTRUCK EPIC waterproof mascara wraps up your lovely eye look, once again. I add a third coat for more va-voom!

TOUCH BEHOLD SPF 25, broad spectrum mineral finishing powder. This time as an ultimate setting powder, to keep that beautiful bronze look in place.

LIPBONBONS tinted lip balm. So versatile! From beach to bash, these little gems have you covered!  Now your glowing and ready to party!

photo courtesy Pixabay

As you can see you do not need a whole ton of makeup in your suitcase to go from hot summer day to sultry summer night. You are already beautiful, we just chose 5 cosmetics, and skincare, to enhance that beauty, and rock two entire looks, if not more!

If any of these products spark your interest, or are screaming “You need me!” drop me a line!  I’d love to hook you up! Be sure to drop your comments and your favorite products below!